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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Impact Secret For Straighter Golf Shots

There's something that pros do at impact to help them hit straighter golf shots, and I want to share that tip with you today.

To help explain this tip I'm going to use Rory McIlroy as an example.

Rory is known as hitting great looking push draws. His trackman numbers are often swinging in to out by 4 degrees and his clubface at impact is about 2 degrees open.

With those numbers his shots start to the right of his target and then draw powerfully back.

But there's something he does at impact to guard against the shot moving too much from right to left, and it's something Ben Hogan used to do as well.

Here's what that one thing is...

Rory at impact often errs towards hitting the ball slightly off the heel. By doing that it allows Rory to go hard at the ball from the inside without fearing that the ball is going to hook. As I said, Ben Hogan did this as well and he wanted to attack the ball from the inside.

Here's a general rule for where you contact the ball on the clubface:
  • The more you strike the ball on the heel, the more it will fade/slice or resist drawing/hooking.
  • The more you strike the ball on the toe, the more it will draw/hook or resist fading/slicing

Now most golfers do not have a problem with hooking the ball too much. And if you don't then something easy you can do to stop your fade/slice is to contact the ball more on the toe of the club. Because by doing that it will help to straighten out a fade/slice.

So how should you go about doing that?

Well, you should do this the complete opposite to what is logical.

The logical way to hit the ball on the toe is to "try" to hit the ball more on the toe of the club. But that is not the best way.

The best way is to learn to hit the ball all over the face.

See, this is all about clubface control. If I tell you to hit a shot out of a certain place on the clubface and you can, then you have clubface control. And that means, if for your normal shot you want to err on the side of hitting the toe, then you'll be able to do this.
Make sense?

To practice this you need some Dr. Scholls foot spray or something similar, and spray that on say your 5 iron. Then simply hit balls and try to hit the ball all over the face. So on one shot try to hit the ball off the toe. For the next shot try to hit it off the heel. Then the next shot try to hit it out of the middle. If you're feeling adventurous you can take this exercise to the next level and try to hit the ball right off the very toe of the clubface and off the heel. A shank in other words. :-)

So there you go... in summary, if you want to reduce your fade or slice then get good at hitting shots off the toe of the clubface.

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Have a GREAT Game!!

Steve McMurray MPT aka Mr Stiv

Monday, November 13, 2017

4 Reasons Why You Slice The Ball

If you often hit a slice there will be 4 reasons why you do this.

The first reason will be because you setup to slice the ball. Most probably you have a weak grip, you have the ball positioned too far forward in your stance and you are aimed to the left.

Poor setup would be the number 1 reason why golfers slice the ball!

Almost all golfers who suffer with a slice problem try to fix it by changing their swing. But what they don't understand is that their swing is largely determined by how they setup. So they can try swing changes all they want, but without changing the setup they are just putting a band-aid on the problem. And you know what happens to band-aids after a while.... they fall off!

The next biggest reason why golfers slice the ball is because they swing from out-to-in. 

This causes the ball to start to the left of the target.

Look, if you want to fix your slice then you have to force yourself to start the ball to the right of the target. There are simple ways that you can do this, like I teach in this system, but it really comes down to you biting the bullet and accepting some bad shots for a while until you can start the ball consistently to the right of the target.

The next big reason why golfers suffer with a slice problem, is because they contact the ball with an open clubface.

The fact is... if you contact the ball with an open clubface and an out-to-in clubhead path, the only thing that can happen is the ball will start to the left of your target and then slice.

This naturally costs you a lot of distance and accuracy.

So to fix this you need to work on approaching the ball from the inside and then contacting the ball with a slightly closed clubface. It's really not that tough.... when you know how to do it.

The final reason why golfers suffer with a slice problem is because the equipment they're using promotes a slice. 

And the main culprit of this is the club shaft. Most amateur golfers have a club shaft that is too stiff. It's important that you get fitted with golf clubs, rather than buying clubs off the shelf.

Now the order that I recommend golfers work through in this system when fixing a slice, is to start at the setup...then work on the swing. And the best way to work on the swing is not to try to get into positions, but rather to use drills. But you need specific drills in a certain order to fix your slice. Otherwise you'll find that you think you have fixed your slice, when in fact you haven't.

But whether you get a proven system like this to fix your slice, or you go it must go through this process to fix it:

1. Setup to the ball to encourage a draw/hook.
2. Swing from the inside.
3. Contact the ball with a slightly closed clubface.
4. Have equipment that encourages a draw ball flight.

For a complete, proven step-by-step system to help you hit consistent draws in just 17 days go here:
The Pro Draw System

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Simple Warm-up Exercises

Finding a warm up routine that works for you is like cleaning the grooves on your irons - an essential but oft neglected part of your golf game.

This video gives a simple 5 minute routine to get you started. Some things to remember is that static stretches should not be done just prior to playing a round of golf. You will notice that the stretches highlighted in this video are all dynamic in nature. These help to 'wake up' the muscles by incorporating reflexive neurological responses with tensioning of the myofascial system.

Our bodies are held together by a network of very strong fascia (fa-sha). This network allows energy to be stored and transferred evenly and efficiently when it works well. With time and inflammatory processes, this fascia tends to become less supple and less hydrated (See Golfer's Hydration...) leading to stiffness and poor flexibility.

Static stretching can help to elongate tissues and increase fascial flexibility. However, a warm up routine should incorporate dynamic stretches that progressively mimic the swing sequence beginning from the ground up. This means starting with non golf specific movements and ending with very golf specific motions.

Remember that every long ball hitter has the same sequence to the swing. They transfer force from the ground, through their legs into their hips, then into the torso, then the arms, hands, club shaft and into the club head. (see "Getting There")

All the equipment that you will ever need for these warm up exercises you already possess as you come to that first tee: A club and your own body.

So, remember to clean the grooves and learn the moves for a successful start to each round of golf and...

Have a Great Game!

Mr Stiv

Thursday, November 9, 2017

What I think about the stress free golf swing

We could all do with a little less stress 

A round of golf shouldn't add to our why does it?

Golfers get all fixated on performing the mechanics of the swing rather than enjoying the game.

There ought to be a way to take the stress off of the mechanics and put some joy back into our game.

I've always wanted to fly...

but I never took the time or saved the money to do it...priorities and all that y'know...

I got the bug when I was a boy and our next door neighbor invited us to go to the University of Illinois football games. He would personally fly us down to Champaign, Illinois from our home in the Quad Cities. With each flight I was fascinated with the way in which our neighbor was very careful to  inspect the airplane and follow a pre-flight checklist. We did this on several occasions and each time, he did exactly the same thing in exactly the same way.

He pointed out to us boys (his son was a friend to my brother and I) that he loves to fly but cannot enjoy it if he is wondering if there is some little detail that he forgot to check. So, he had a consistent routine and a checklist that he goes through every time, no matter how many flights he takes. It set his mind at ease and allowed him to enjoy flying to the fullest.

Since that time, I have had several friends that invited me to take flights with them and each one had a checklist and a consistent pre-flight routine that he used to ensure that the flight was as safe and enjoyable as possible...and they were...(especially without TSA gropings)

So, if our goal is to find enjoyment in giving flight to a golf ball and have it land safely at a predetermined location, doesn't it make sense to have a consistent 'pre-flight routine'?

Stress Free...The Way To Be

There are a lot of systems out there that can accomplish the same goals. So when it comes to finding a pre-flight checklist that works for you, then you and I just have to try what works best for each of us and stick with it.

What I look for in a system that will reduce stress in my golf game is simplicity, reproducibility (sp) and safety. What the stress free golf swing does is remove all of the guesswork, remove the variability and provide a pain free method of improving my golf swing for consistent results.

The Stress-Free Golf Swing Review

The Stress-Free Golf swing was created by Jeff Richmond of   There is an interesting story to the creation of this swing, because Jeff claims he accidentally discovered a secret move that Ben Hogan made in his golf swing.

Jeff says he made this discovery on the 5th of March, 2015.

Jeff knows the exact date because the discovery was made when he was analyzing 23 great golfers swings for a blog post he was doing, to see how much head movement great golfers have in their swings.

The move Jeff found Ben Hogan does is completely contrary to what is traditionally taught in the golf swing, and after discovering it Jeff was keen to try it himself....

For the full review, sign up here:When you do, you will also be given access to the free report:  

7 Shortcuts to Instantly Improve Your Ball Striking

So, don't wait. You want to be ready for your next season of league play!

Have a Great Game!

Steve McMurray MPT aka Mr Stiv

Monday, April 11, 2016

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