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Friday, July 27, 2012

Getting In Line...

Golf posture?

What is true golf posture? Those of you who read golf magazines will at some point have seen pictures of a golfer with a club or rod placed along the center on his or her spine.  With one end of the rod on the sacrum and the other end on the back of the head. the spine should maintain contact with the rod for the majority of its length when addressing the golf ball.

Reaching and maintaining this posture is essential to developing a powerful swing. Try this and get a sense of how it feels. Practice sitting and standing in that posture throughout your day. If you cannot get into this posture or if it is difficult for you to maintain this posture, then a consistently applied stretching and conditioning program is necessary to help you get there.

Start using the simple core strengthening exercises everyday throughout your day by consciously contracting your core muscles.  Pull yourself up in your chair as if you are suspended by a string passing through your head and spine. In this way you can begin to train without strain or pain.

What happens when your spinal alignment is not maintained during your golf swing? In the meantime, if you are not already familiar with the parts of the human spine, find a picture or a model of one and examine how its bones line up on each other ...and...

Have a Great Game!!

Steve McMurray, MPT
, CGFI (aka Mr Stiv)

Uff da!
Lena was somewhat put out with Ole last Christmas. She had hinted she could use a pot holder as a gift. So what did Ole bring her? A GIRDLE.
OLE: Lena, I am to be in da amateur theatrical. Vhat vould folks say if I vas to vear tights?

LENA: Dey vould probably say I married you for your money.

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