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Friday, July 27, 2012

Having Great Time...

Timing is Everything

Returning from Myrtle Beach for a weekend golf conditioning seminar, where I hit a hundred or so golf balls on the driving range. I began sense the fog of winter amnesia lift in the form of muscle soreness. 

I haven't played for over two years since my shoulder operation so it was 'enlightening' to my inelastic muscles. It is the odd thing about golf, even though I've never been good at it I love the challenge and even more I am enthralled by the mechanics of it.

Discovery of unused muscle groups however is not as enlightening as insight as to what makes a powerful accurate and consistent swing (and why my swing is neither).

My instructor was William Breland who is both a golf professional and a physical therapist. He brings a unique insight to the field of golf fitness as a player, instructor and skilled therapist. His organization, Golo Golf Fitness provides services for golfers serious about improving their game through his 'train to engrain' principles.

In other words, making a better and less painful golf swing become second nature to us.

As is well known among professional golfers, the absolute laws of golf all have to do with how we control the clubhead. It's speed at impact, centeredness on the "sweet spot", path along the swing arc, the angle of the face at impact and the angle of approach are all factors relating to our grip, alignment and posture before during and after the swing.

As my stiff and aging body reminds me, it is more important to be lucky than good.

Nevertheless, it is a delightful discovery to learn that, just like telling a good joke, I can get a bigger kick without as much effort once I get the timing and sequence right. Click here for more information on golo golf fitness.

 Until next post...

Have a Great Game!

Mr Stiv

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