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Monday, August 20, 2012

Golf Injury: Common Amateur Injuries

 Anyone who has played the game for very long or even after the age of forty would not be surprised to learn that lower back injuries are most common among amateurs. It is no wonder that many amateurs give up the game. Low back pain is no fun.

By contrast among 192 PGA golfers only half as many had injured their low back. Among 201 LPGA golfers left wrist injuries were more frequent than low back injuries.

A survey done in 1990 and published in the journal of Physician and Sports Medicine (1990; 18:122-26) surveyed 1160 males and 249 female amateur golfers. The results show that among men, 53.2% of injuries were to the lower back and 23.5% to the left elbow. Injuries to the knee were less than 1%. Among women, 44.6% of injuries were to the low back and 27.3% were to the left elbow. Right knee injuries among women were 1.2%

Why the differences between amateurs and professionals?

One obvious difference of course is the frequency of play. The nature of most professional injuries is overuse. That begs the question though;  

If they are playing more why are their low backs injured only half as much as amateurs who play less?

The most common cause of injury in the pro is...Overuse

The most common cause of injury in the amateur is....Mechanics

Estimates suggest that more than half of all golfers will develop chronic problems. So, if you want to keep playing golf, doesn't it make sense to learn better body mechanics?

There are certain predictors of low back pain that are revealed by a simple movement screen. These can be done by any qualified professional familiar with the golf swing. A TPI certified golf pro; golf fitness pro; medical professional; golf biomechanist or junior coach are most qualified to perform this screen.

It can be done quickly and if done along with a video analysis and 3D analysis gives loads of information that can narrow down where your golf swing begins to break down and what can be focused on to change your mechanics and fix your golf swing.

So here are the five most common mechanisms of injuries.

1. Poor Body Mechanics
2. Poor Swing Mechanics
3. Excessive Practice (Overuse)
4. No Regular Customized Exercise Program
5. Poor Nutrition
6. Improper Club Fitting

What is it worth to you to keep the fun in your game? Think about it and

Have A Great Game!

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