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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Getting Better

Identify Your Team df
As serious golfers, I’m certain that you have goals to improve for this coming season. Having goals is excellent, but creating a game plan to reach your goals is just as important. A key component of a promising game plan is developing a support network around you.
It is time to take a serious approach to getting better.

This starts with finding experts that have the expertise to help you overcome the hurdles preventing progress.... Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) has revolutionized the treatment and understanding of golfers as athletes.

With experts in the fields of golf instruction, fitness, biomechanics, medicine, and junior performance, TPI is the ideal means to help create your team. Regardless of your ability, there are experts out there that can help you become a better golfer.

Consider yourself a finely tuned race car. Your pit crew chief is your local PGA of Canada golf professional and his role is to ensure you are always moving forward towards your goal. Based on the TPI framework, assisting the golf professional is the pit crew, made up of fitness professionals, medical experts, and biomechanists.

Together, this part of the team ensures you are running smoothly and with purpose in order to help you achieve your goals. All parts of the crew communicate regularly to ensure that you remain on track.

The question you might ask is: “How can this help lower my scores?” All of us move and swing a golf club in a unique way and possess specific limitations and weaknesses. Whether we have had previous injuries or simply have lost range of motion, there is always room for improvement when it comes to athletic movement.

TPI certified professionals are equipped with the knowledge to identify cause and effect within the golf swing. Having the understanding of your physical capabilities is crucial to ensuring you are avoiding injury and improving the efficiency of your swing.

As a TPI Certified Professional, I work with a team that has expertise in golf instruction, fitness, physiotherapy and active release therapy. All of the athletes I work with are evaluated by fitness and medical professionals who assess the physical attributes of the individual. This assessment is critical to determining the route I will take on the instructional side.

TPI has Certified Professionals all over the world. Connect with a TPI Professional who is passionate about your game and can help you work towards your goals. To find TPI Certified Professionals in your area go to and select the ‘find an expert’ link. Contact them to book an assessment and get this process rolling. If you have any questions about the Titleist Performance Institute or how to create your team, feel free to contact me.
Alex Riggs
Canadian PGA Professionals
TPI Golf Instructor Level III & Junior Coach Level III
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