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Monday, September 17, 2012

A Swing And A Prayer

Imagine if every time that you stepped up to address the golf ball, you were standing on a skateboard. That is silly, you say. Who would do that? Your feet would just slide and sway with your golf swing.

Of course, it is silly. That is why you wear expensive golf shoes with cleats in order to gain a firm footing. A stable base allows force to be transferred up through the feet, hips, into the torso, the arms and finally into the clubhead. 

Each link in that chain needs to be alternately stable and mobile as force is transferred along that chain.

Now imagine this. Instead of standing on a skateboard, think of your hips sitting on a skateboard as you swing. It isn't difficult to surmise that all of the force transferred up through those expensive golf shoes would be lost with sliding and swaying hips.

Does that seem silly to you also?

Maybe it does make sense to learn how to control your hips. Yet, most of us lose power by hip motion toward and away from the target instead of storing and releasing energy through rotational velocity.

There are some simple exercises that can be done to train your hips to store and release energy instead of dissipating it. Examples and videos of these exercises can be found at

While we are encouraged to
pray without ceasing, when it comes to my golf swing, I would rather be giving thanks than praying for a miracle.

Keep praying, keep swinging and

Have a Great Game!

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